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Seminole Nation Official Campout Rules and Descriptions


A. Tribes are encouraged to ask ANY Nation Officer for further explanation of a particular rule or a specific scenario that is not covered or understood herein, preferably BEFORE a Campout.

B. All crafts and invitations shall be a project completed since the last Campout.

C. Nation Sachems, Longhouse Chiefs, or Nation Officers will be utilized at each campout for the enforcement of these rules. However, Tribe Chiefs and their tribe members are expected to know and observe all rules. Live animals and/or fireworks are not allowed at the nation events without prior permission from the Nation Chief. Any concerns or complaints are to be brought to the attention of the Medicine Man, who, in turn, will convene the rules committee for discussion and possible vote. At NO time will any Princesses be present during these discussions.

D. Tribes will chose 5 Dad AND Daughter teams to represent their tribe. Each five Tribal Teams will get one voting slip allowing, one (1) first place vote one (1) second place vote and one (1) third place vote each. Tribes not utilizing all five voting slips will be docked one 1st, 2nd and 3rd place vote for each voting slip not turned in. Dads and Daughters are encouraged to discuss their vote before voting. Block voting or swapping votes with other tribes will not be tolerated and all such votes will be voided. All Dads must be with Daughters to vote. If a Daughter comes up without her dad, she will not be allowed to vote and be asked to return with her dad. Voting by these Dad and Daughter teams will be done for the following events:

  1. Costume 
  2. Invitation 
  3. Craft 
  4. Skit

E. Tribes must participate in all events for the Weekend  to qualify to win the Coup Stick (this excludes tribal property craft).

Remember if voting slips are not turned in or a tribal member does not participate in Wargames, (without informing a higher ranking Nation officer prior to the event) will by nature of the system lose points.


A. Invitation: Dad and Daughter(s) create hand-made invitations together for each tribal member. Invitations completely generated by a computer or electronic means may not be entered. Dad and Daughter(s) deliver invitations together to at least 70% of the tribal roster. Idea of the event is for Dad and Daughter(s) to spend time together. There must be one picture of the multiple invitations to establish that the 70% criterion was met. This picture is not to be used as part of the display. The picture can be preprinted or displayed on an electronic device and presented during the invitation registration process The invitation is to be displayed as it was delivered to a tribe menber's home or as it appears after delivery, not both. No additional display items or additional enhancements shall be added to the invitation. It must be displayed as delivered and be a single invitation.

B. Tribal Individual Craft: Dad and Daughter create a unique craft together at one (1) tribal meeting. If there are multiple daughters, additional crafts can be finished at a later time. There must be one picture of the multiple crafts being done. The picture can be preprinted or displayed on an electronic device. This one picture may be displayed with the craft to show the making of the craft.

C. Skit: Skits are to be no longer than FOUR (4) minutes in length from the time the skit starts. Nation Officers will keep time. The skit will not be ended at four (4) minutes however, the skit will be disqualified and not eligible to place in the event. Tribes will do their best to keep setup and cleanup times to a minimum. No throwing of anything into the crowd. No giving away of ANY objects, including candy and glow sticks. The skits order is the skits order, and swapping of skit positions is prohibited. No live animals or hazardous objects (fire/fireworks/torches) may be used.

D. War-games: Participation is required by all daughters if they attend the campout. If she is unable to participate she will automatically be awarded third place in each war game (without informing a Nation officer prior to the event) which will lower your tribe's overall War Games score.

E. Costume: One Princess will represent the tribe in an Indian representation costume. No live animals or hazardous objects (fire/fireworks/torches) may be used. Each Princess must be able to hold and support her costume, no helpers allowed on stage.

F. Tribal Group Craft: This craft consists of an item made in part by any/all members of the tribe. There are no time completion constraints, and no limit on the size of the craft. The Tribal Property Craft will get voted on by tribes as normal, and is awarded a Chevron Patch for girls vest, but is NOT counted as part of the overall coup stick competition.

G. Tribal Canoe Race: Tribe that has won the previous Tribal Canoe race at the last campout is in charge of all aspects of the race, including all rules and the canoe course to be raced.


Pinewood Derby Awards:

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places for speed and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, for "Most Indian Like", "Most Race Car Like", and "Best Free Style".

Pinewood Dirby Rules:

1. All cars must be newly constructed for this event. Previously raced cars are not admissible. All cars are to be gravity driven only, no additional propulsion means are allowed. The Integrity system applies.

2. Maximum weight is 24 oz.(1.5 lbs.) as measured by the official scale at the weigh-in table. Cars not conforming at the weigh-in may be modified (a table with simple tools will be provided) and re-weighed up to two additional times. After a car is officially weighed in, no additional lubrication or alterations to the car are allowed.

3. Only bodies, wheels, and axles provided by the Nation may be used.

4. Main body must be of wood. Additional items may be added for weight or design. Be creative, but you may not alter the wheels in any way

5. Wheelbase (distance between fore and aft axles) may not be changed from those originally cut into the car body.

6. Maximum dimensions: 10 inches in length; 5 inches in height; 4.75 inches in width.

7. All four (4) wheels must be touching the track. (Cars not conforming to these specs will not properly fit over the lane strip on the track, and will either get "hung up" or will "jump the track")

8. No washers (other than the red ones that come with the car), bearings, springs, or shaped wheels may be used. Wheel surfaces may be sanded flat and smooth, but surface areas that touch the track must be flat and the full, original width. Original axles must be used.

9. Technical issues may be appealed to the host tribe at the time of inspection. Obvious rules violations may be protested at any time. The decision of the host tribe in such matters is final.

10. During the race, the decisions of the starting and finish line judges are final and not subject to protest or discussion. (Good Sportsmanship and Respect are the values we're teaching).

11. Any car not made to comply with these rules by the time of the race will not be allowed to race and will not be eligible to win any awards. This includes the "presentation awards" if a car is not eligible to race it is also not eligible to win due to its appearance.  

Chiefs Award:

This prestigious award goes to the most philanthropic tribe for that year, as judged by a committee consisting of all ten Nation Officers. The  judging criteria will consist of quantity, quality and daughter involvement of the reported community service. Each community service must be listed in the Tally Form "notes" section along with the rest of the tribal activity. Be brief but as descriptive as possible, include attendance numbers or monies raised.